Amanda Kuhl

Air Quality Scientist

Amanda has a diverse professional background in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting for the energy sector and the environmental consulting industry. GHG reporting entities included Environmental Protection Agency Mandatory Reporting Rule (40 CFR Part 98), The Climate Registry, Carbon Disclosure Project, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Her career has spanned managing CERCLA and RCRA projects; implementing decontamination, decommissioning, and demolition projects; sampling and analysis of contaminated soils and water; and performing on-call emergency spill response.

At Air Sciences, she’s a major contributor to emissions inventory development and Class I and II Air Quality Operating Permits renewals for the mining sector. She’s also meticulously updating project narratives, open-source QGIS maps, and Surfer flow charts. Other areas of work include report data QA and Google Earth/QGIS mapping. 

She enjoys the flow of skiing along trails, making turns on the piste, and negotiating whitewater rapids. And on some days, after chasing four active kids, she likes to work on knitting the occasional sweater.