Dave Randall

Principal Air Quality Scientist, Vice President

Dave has worked in planning, permitting, regulatory analysis, and negotiating with regulators since 1988. His corporate roles include business development and contract negotiations. His technical expertise covers emission permitting and compliance for industrial sources, AERMOD analysis review and results interpretation, air quality impact assessment and mitigation under the EPA’s National Environmental Policy Act, and tribal air quality program development.

Dave has developed technical products and tools for the Western Regional Air Partnership that help with decision-making and improve quantification and management of fire emissions in the United States. His areas of expertise in this area include: developing regional emission inventories, determining practices for refining fire activity, and supporting regulators to manage smoke.

Dave places great value on clearly communicating complex technical and regulatory topics. Accordingly, he’s dedicated to building relationships with Air Sciences colleagues and clients to work on solving the air quality-related challenges we encounter.