Employment Opportunities


Portland, OR


Air Sciences is seeking a candidate with a background in engineering or the physical sciences, with experience and a strong interest in database development, data analysis and web development. The successful candidate will be able to contribute to a range of research and analytical projects on topics of air quality, support and enhance existing full stack data collection and reporting systems, and create new tools focused on enhancing the company’s ability to deliver informative and insightful analysis of environmental data.

Air Sciences Inc., with offices in Golden, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California, provides professional air quality environmental consulting for the public and private sectors. For over 40 years we have provided a complete range of air quality monitoring, permitting, and engineering services. Air Sciences, an equal opportunity employer, offers a flexible working environment and comprehensive benefits.

This is a staff or senior level, full-time, exempt position based in Portland, OR.

  • Science or engineering degree (environmental, physics, chemical, mechanical, or equivalent) preferred. Computer science or mathematics/statistics will be considered.
  • Demonstrated experience across of range of programming environments, with a strong interest to grow in this direction.
Desirable Skills
  • Experience with Linux-based development environments
  • Experience with SQL database best practices
  • Familiarity with cybersecurity standards
  • Familiarity with administering and deploying cloud-based services (AWS, Azure)
  • Experience in front end development with emphasis on data presentation and usability (e.g. JavaScript frameworks such as React and Bootstrap, D3.js, Highcharts)
  • Experience or strong interest in one or more server-side languages (e.g. PHP, c#, Node.js, flask, FastAPI)
  • Familiarity with scientific computing and data analysis libraries such as Pandas
  • Contribute to research and analytical science projects including environmental data processing and analyses
  • Contribute to full stack development projects with a focus on environmental data management and visualization
  • Work on web development projects with our existing team
  • Build a working understanding of several existing project codebases and refactor code for improved flexibility and efficiency
  • Take initiative to develop quality control checks and testing for work completed
  • Research and implement improved technology and solutions on existing systems
To Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter and a link to your GitHub (or equivalent) account with a code sample to employment@airsci.com.