Katheryn (Katie) Kolesar, PhD

Principal Air Quality Scientist

Katie manages the air quality and meteorology monitoring group at Air Sciences. She’s also part of developing new technology at Air Sciences. She is currently working on developing low-cost sensors to meet the monitoring needs of clients. The goal here is to deliver real-time, diagnostic data that help clients make operational decisions.

Her other monitoring work involves regulatory and research where she’s an active part of designing, installing, calibrating, maintaining, and auditing monitoring stations. She oversees the quality of the data and handles the monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.

Katie received her PhD in Civil in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Davis. Her research included field work on the atmospheric processing of urban pollutants and laboratory research on the chemical mechanisms that govern secondary organic aerosol formation. She was also a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Michigan where she oversaw a field campaign to measure the effect of road salt application on air quality.

A world traveler who values local connection above all else, Katie has become fluent in French and is proficient in Spanish (and can manage a bit of Arabic, Russian, and German). She’s also an avid supporter of live, local music.