Lyndsey DeMarco

Senior Air Quality Scientist, Data Analyst

Lyndsey specializes in atmospheric research and environmental data analysis. Her undergraduate work in mathematics with an emphasis in statistics makes her a valuable addition to the Air Sciences team. In her Environmental Management Master’s program, she worked with Dr. Linda George at Portland State University who specializes in atmospheric chemistry. Lyndsey’s research focused on transportation, specifically the impacts of off-road heavy-duty diesel equipment on neighborhood air pollution in Portland, OR. 

Before joining Air Sciences, Lyndsey was an Air Quality Analyst with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality where she provided technical support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES), calculated transportation emissions for state implementation plans, and used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to spatially allocate emissions and air pollution sources.

She enjoys the creative, hands-on pursuits of sewing clothing and gardening in her spare time.