Tehya Stockman, PhD

Senior Air Quality Engineer

Tehya is a heavily credentialed engineer who has worked on low-cost air quality sensor networks, public health policies, science communication, and air quality data analysis. She has city and state agency experience (Denver and Colorado, respectively) with the Department of Public Health and Environment, where she provided technical support for a variety of programs from the “Love My Air” network in Denver to air quality database design for the Air Toxics and Ozone Precursors Section (ATOPS).

Her dissertation spanned two projects of great immediacy: measuring aerosols and CO2 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and developing and evaluating machine learning corrections for low-cost air quality sensors. As an individual who takes action, she served as the Science and Engineering Policy Fellow for the Colorado State Senate (2021) and was an inaugural member of the University of Colorado Boulder Sustainability Council. Last but not least, she has also designed food processing equipment for rural women to grow their businesses in Ghana.

She enjoys activating the right side of her brain with drawing and playing the mandolin. You can also find her on the Rocky Mountain hiking trails or in the community garden, checking in on her bees.