Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.

Permitting and Modeling


Compliance. Throughout the project, Air Sciences has provided compliance support for various process and regulatory scenarios.

Permitting. Our team continues to provide permitting and revision support as mining projects enter new phases.

Emissions Inventory. Air Sciences has developed multiple emissions inventories for various processes, operations, and phases.

Monitoring. Air Sciences has historically installed, audited, and operated monitoring stations for the Barrick Goldstrike Mine.

Modeling. Modeling has been used throughout the project to ensure defensible and operationally accommodating emission limits and compliance procedures.

Project Overview

Air Sciences has provided comprehensive air quality consulting services to the Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. for over 20 years.

These services have included dispersion modeling (ISCST3; AERMOD), continual re-permitting for changes and expansion, air impact analyses, permit strategy development, regulatory analysis, and operating an ambient monitoring station.

In addition, Air Sciences, in conjunction with Barrick, has worked with the Nevada Mining Association to affect state and federal rule changes specific to the mining industry, including mercury regulation.

Other Barrick Projects

More recently, Air Sciences has provided air quality consulting services to Barrick’s Ruby Hill, Bald Mountain, and Cortez gold mines, including providing support on the Cortez and Bald Mountain Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) projects.

Recently, an Environmental Management Plan for air quality was developed for the Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation. This included siting and basic support of an existing air quality station at a power plant site. In addition to a modeling analysis, a regulatory analysis was performed to fulfill International Finance Corporation guidelines, DC standards, and EIS commitments.


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