Air Sciences DASS

The Modern Data Acquisition & Support System

Project Overview

Air Sciences’ Data Acquisition & Support System (DASS) is now in its second generation.  The DASS provides our staff and clients real-time access to data collected by Air Sciences-operated meteorological and air quality stations (linked by cellular, satellite, or RF communications), sophisticated quality assurance and quality control tools, and analysis and reporting tools, using state-of-the-art Web-based development techniques.

The web application uses a tool-based structure, where data methods are extended to a variety of individual tools. Based on this architecture, new analysis tools specific to client requirements can be efficiently produced using known and defined methods. Our team is able to effectively produce flexible visualizations and maintain valid quality levels.

Data quality assurance is a key functionality and requirement of the DASS. The default tool set is focused on giving Air Sciences air quality consultants the tools they need for data review, analysis, and reporting. Parameters can be compared with using a variety of statistical techniques ensuring that quality assurance procedures are done in the most effective manner.  Issues may automatically be detected or determined through analysis, allowing staff to alert clients and resolve issues soon after they happen.

The flow of information through the DASS is handled by a data collection and processing system, which collects and submits data to the database from a variety of on-site data loggers via cellular, satellite, or RF communications. System logging and file matching is used to ensure data files are maintained, and data are processed correctly into the database.  Data are immediately available through the web application and tagged with the results of automated quality checks, allowing Air Sciences staff to continuously review and analyze data as needed.


Air Sciences air quality consultants have experience developing a variety of custom compliance databases and applications.

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