Xcel Energy

Ozone Monitoring

Comanche Station

Air Sciences air quality consultants operated an ozone monitoring station in northern Pueblo, Colorado to support the Comanche Post Construction permit for Xcel Energy. Our team has worked closely with the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division (COAPCD) to develop electronic ozone alerts, to assure real-time access to the data via a web portal, and to develop methodologies that assure minimal data loss during ozone peaks and seasons.

Air Sciences also measured PM10 near the existing power plant to support re-permitting the facility for an increase in capacity.

All data are transferred via satellite internet, are available on Air Sciences’ data acquisition and support system (DASS), and are subsequently submitted to the agency.

St. Vrain Station

Air Sciences installed and operated an AERMOD monitoring station on a 60-meter tower and continuous PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring in northern Colorado for the Xcel Energy St. Vrain Station.

The station consisted of dispersion meteorological and particulate monitors, with digital data processing on-site and data downloading via satellite. Data were validated at all levels and processed according to EPA guidelines.

Air Sciences has historically performed station audits.

Project Overview

Air Sciences air quality consultants have provided pre- and post-construction ozone monitoring services for Xcel Energy since 2004 to support several facility efforts, including construction of integrated gasification combined cycle facilities, facility expansions, and natural gas conversions. Permitting support has been provided for key facility changes such as the expansion of the Comanche Unit 3 air permit.

The scope of work throughout the project has included the collection of meteorological data for wind profiles up to heights of 200 feet using open-lattice towers, as well as SOnic Detection And Ranging (SODAR) technology. Ambient air monitoring has been configured for ozone, NOX, PM10, and PM2.5.

Throughout Air Sciences history with Xcel, stringent data quality objectives were continually met allowing on-time completions for each monitoring project.

Air Sciences continues to be committed to fostering the ongoing relationships with Xcel Energy and their permitting agencies, such as the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


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