Matthew Mavko

Principal Air Quality Scientist, Vice President

Matt specializes in environmental data analysis, database design and management, and application development. He has been involved in atmospheric research and air quality analysis since 2001. His academic work includes working as a research assistant with the University of Arizona Remote Sensing Group and doing research with Prof. Linda George at Portland State University on how to apply passive gaseous pollutant measurement techniques to neighborhood-scale urban air quality assessments.

Since joining Air Sciences in 2006, Matt has done extensive analysis work supporting monitoring, modeling, and environmental assessments. He has also developed a number of software tools for managing monitoring and observational data. This involves developing web-based applications for data streaming, storage, and post-processing for meteorological and air quality monitoring sites.

For most of his career at Air Sciences, Matt has been working with several western states and Tribes to develop web-based decision support tools for smoke management. He has also led the technical work for the Western Regional Air Partnership to develop national fire emissions inventories and tools to integrate fire, photochemical modeling, and observed air quality data into interactive air quality analysis tools.

Matt regularly provides review and analysis for Exceptional Event demonstrations for ozone and high-wind dust events, and has experience with regulations and permitting in the Portland Metro region. In addition to his consulting work, Matt plays an active role in operations management at Air Sciences. “Down-time” for Matt is long-distance trail running and cycling, but he’s also content refining his culinary skills.