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Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors: An Air Quality Toolkit Essential

Air Sciences is always looking for ways to save clients time and money while keeping abreast of the newest methods and technologies. We recently wrote about how we are helping clients calculate theoretical evaporation a simplified way. Cue the entrance of low-cost air quality sensors (LCS). Thanks to advances in laser technology and open source computing, these instruments cost just 5% of what you’d expect for conventional reference sensors. How does the adage “you get what you pay for” hold up in a situation like this? Let’s look at the LCS pros and cons and find out:

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Visualizing Data from Meteorological Station Networks

Meteorological station data remains one of the best tools for informing avalanche safety decisions. For recreationists and practitioners alike, everyone requires information specific to their plan for the day. But parsing through large station networks is often tedious, and information overload can actually limit the amount of information we internalize.  Additionally, few recreationists understand the complexities at each station and looking at less than ideal data can be misleading.

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